Well Woman Clinic

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Well Woman Clinic is dedicated to reproductive and mental
health of women. Woman health as the name suggests not
only means physical and maternal health but also
encompasses mental and social well being. This includes the
well woman examination, hormonal evaluation, menopausal
health, stress, wellness and medical weight management.
The Clinic is completely committed and designed to detect
and screen common occurring disorders in women (Basic
Health Check), so that they can be screened and treated at
the earliest.
The tests and screening includes important constituents like
Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer, pelvic sonography to
check for abnormalities in uterus/ovaries and clinical breast
examination, thyroid status and bone health etc. Timely
diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent the
Sexual and reproductive health and contraceptive services
protect women from unwanted pregnancies, thereby
contributing directly to their health. Other services at the
clinic are psychological counseling, nutrition counseling,
physiotherapy and holistic health for antenatal and postnatal

Well Woman Clinic


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