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Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program (ILMP): Reverse Disease, Restore Health.

We all know that lifestyle is the root cause of major medical problems like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. If you are suffering from anyone of them, I am sure you have tried to make changes in your lifestyle like diet, exercise, stress and sleep. Some people are successful but most people struggle with it.

ILMP is for you if…

  • You have slowly gained weight over last few years and haven’t been able to lose it by routine measures.
  • You have been exercising very regularly but haven’t lost more than 2-3 kg
  • You have lost weight in past due to dieting but have gained it back
  • You have tried to change your diet but always have hunger and craving for special food
  • You are avoiding oily and sweet foods and eating quite less but the fat in your tummy is still not meting away
  • You have desire to exercise regularly but do not have energy, enthusiasm or persistence to continue
  • You are not sleeping enough or not sleeping well
  • You have tried doing yoga, pranayam or sudarshan kriya etc. but stress is not reducing and weight is not changing.
  • Your doctor has advised you to lose weight but whatever you are doing is not helping.
  • If applied systematically and comprehensively, the lifestyle medicine can actually REVERSE disease and RESTORE health.

What is needed is

Customized approach: People are different and what works for them is also different.

Comprehensive approach: Working on diet, exercise, sleep and stress simultaneously can bring dramatically better results than a half hearted effort employed at different times.

Scientific approach: To ensure SAFETY and SUCCESS, lifestyle medicine approach based on research papers published in same journals which publishes drug research.

Medical approach: conducted by physician who is well trained to understand your disease, can correctly differentiate between new symptoms and signs of recovery, has the knowledge of the drugs you are taking, can order medical tests to know your progress and can work with your existing specialist to reduce your dosage as and when necessary.

Goals of therapy:

1. Reduce body weight by at least 5 to 10 % in next 3 months. If you need to lose more then we will continue to work together till you reach the target, may it be 5 kg or 50 kg.

2. Reduce Cholesterol to gradually reduce dose or need for drugs

3. Reduce Blood Sugar and HbA1c to gradually reduce dose or need for diabetes drugs

4. Reduce Blood pressure to gradually reduce dose or need for drugs

What is ILMP?

4 aspects are covered:

1. Dietstyle: “Customised Dietplan” according to metabolic profile. The plan reduces hunger and increases satisfaction (satiety), eliminates food craving, reduces glycemic load and glycemic index, restricts harmful foods, promotes nutrient dense foods. Instead of dieting, I encourage patients to develop “dietstyle” as a lifestyle.

2. Exercise: Provide age and health appropriate recommendations; with motivation and monitoring till a habit is established.

3. Sleep: Analysis of sleep difficulty and recommendations for appropriate lifestyle changes.

4. Meditation: for stress management and induction of relaxation response in body to counter the stress related nervous and hormonal effect. Providing initial training for beginners and computerized monitoring for advance practitioners.

Two options:

Option 1: Monthly Program: (Short Term Program)

  • Once a month in person(/skype) consultation
  • Once a week phone consultation
  • Unlimited whats app follow up for 1 month

Option 2: Goal Oriented Program: (Long Term program)

  • Targetted Weight Loss
  • Targetted sugar control (drug dose reduction)
  • Targetted BP control (drug dose reduction)
  • Targetted Cholesterol control (drug dose reduction)
  • Total duration 6-9 months.
  • Once a month in person/skype consultation for treatment adjustments
  • Once a week phone consultation till needed
  • Unlimited whats app follow up

Concern Doctors

Dr. Samir Anadkat


A medical doctor (MBBS, MS) who has received training in the best institutes (from India to US). My training and interests include Diabetes, Obesity, mind-body medicine, diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation, stress resilience, medical hypnosis as well as yoga. For more details click here

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