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The HealthCare PolyClinic is a new age integrated healthcare model providing services such as General, Specialist & Super Specialist Consultation, Pathology, Radiology, Diagnostics & Health Checks Services-All under one roof. At The HealthCare PolyClinic we believe that the time has come for a new age family doctor who is easily accessible and has come an array of sophisticated medical equipments at his disposal to offer the best possible professional advice and treatment. Our Digital & Internet based services provide convenient access to each of our customers they’re by helping to increase productivity and save time for travel. The HealthCare PolyClinic has state-of-the-art diagnostic investigation Centre under one roof with an array of friendly specialist doctors to offer advice and treatment. Its aesthetic, air conditioned ambience is carefully designed to ensure maximum patient comfort

Healthcare system at The HCPC

At The HealthCare PolyClinic our doctors in Ahmedabad,  are committed to providing comprehensive medical care from infancy to geriatrics. With a wide range of patient care in one convenient location, our doctors are here to provide a foundation for you and your family’s care in the areas of health maintenance, acute illness, chronic diseases and hypertension, with special care for your diabetes, pituitary and metabolic concerns.

The Health Care Poly Clinic is equipped to handle most outpatient requirements. Services include comprehensive range of consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services that don’t require hospitalization. From consultation with qualified MBBS doctor, highly qualified specialists, specialized health packages to an advanced laboratory and imaging facilities, The HCPC will offer 365 days service to patients.

Consultation services available at THE HEALTH CARE POLY CLINIC include:

  • MBBS doctor consultation
  • Physician consultation (MD/DNB Medicine)
  • Dietician consultation
  • Diabetologist Consultation
  • Nephrologist Consultation (DM/DNB)
  • Neurologist Consultation (DM/DNB)
  • Gastroenterologist Consultation (DM/DNB)
  • Gynaecologist consultation (MD/MS)
  • Paediatrician consultation (MD)
  • Ophthalmologist consultation (MS)
  • ENT specialist consultation (MS/ DNB)
  • Orthopaedic consultation ( MS)
  • Physiotherapy consultation
  • Cardiologist consultation (MD/DM/DNB)
  • Oncologist Consultation( DM Oncology)
  • Neurosurgery consultation ( Mch/ DNB)


Dr. Jayesh Pavra

Senior Doctor Heath Care Poly Clinic

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